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Oceantronics was started in 1980 by 2 electronics technicians.  Shortly after that is was acquired by Dave Hunter. All efforts were focused on marine electronics including procurement, repair and installation primarily on fishing boats.  In the early 1980's the commercial fishing fleet was in its infancy and most of the larger vessels came from the mainland fully equipped.   So the primary efforts were to support the recreational fishing industry.  As the years progressed the Commercial Fleet became a large part of sales and service. Unfortunately many of the vessels were in financial trouble and needing in marine electronics.  Since the initial influx of vessel's did well the newcomers were given credit for new electronics and install/repair efforts.  Soon many of the vessels gave up and either went back to the mainland or were sold.  Oceantronics ended up with an uncollectable Accounts Receivable greater than its Accounts Payable.  It was sold in 1991.  Francis Yoshida joined Oceantronics in 1985 doing Land Mobile Radio Sales and Service.  As of October 2018 he is still with the company.  Oceantronics was acquired by Olinda Amtsberg in 1991 when the business was not doing well.  Sales at that time were under $1M/year. 

Oceantronics 1991 to the Present

Since it was acquired in 1991 Oceantronics has had a diverse past.  When it was initially acquired by Olinda Amtsberg the company applied for and received from the federal government Female Owned and Run Minority Small Business status.  This allowed the company to pursue different Federal Opportunities.  These included;

Federal GSA Contract

NOAA systems installed in the Arctic

Federal Procurements of Missile and Telemetry Tracking Systems for various government Test Ranges.

Between 1991 and 2015 Oceantronics received between $20M and $30M in government sales.  Included in this were all Missile Tracking Systems at Pacific Missile Range Facility.

For the Navy, Oceantronics designed, built and installed Vessel Tracking Systems on many vessels stationed at Pearl Harbor.  It also supplied and installed commercial radars and communication systems on Navy vessels.

Commercial Sector - During that period efforts included providing vessel plotting programs, marine electronics, installation of federal vessel tracking systems on the commercial fishing fleet as well as performing equipment sales and repair. 

Over this time frame a total of about 10 people worked for Oceantronics.  Significant employees included Olinda Amtsberg, Fritz Amtsberg, Francis Yoshida, George Bond and Kevin Liu.  Ownership of the company remained under Olinda Amtsberg until 2018.  At that time complete ownership was turned over to Kevin Liu.

Today there are three full time employees, Kevin Liu, Francis Yoshida and Celine Tiet. The company’s focus is on sales, installation and repair of marine equipment.  There remains a small amount of federal business.

Oceantronics remains a full service dealer for most of the major suppliers including;

ACR Ancor Anritsu Apelco Autohelm B&G C-Map ComNav Coretex Data Marine Echotec Furuno Garmin Icom JRC Kenwood KVHMagellan Marinetek   Morad NauticalTechnologies Navionics Northstar Raytheon Ross SGC SEA  Shakespeare Sitex Simrad Standard Taiyo Wesmar

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